Results and Testimonials

In tests of the proprietary extract Griffonia Lysate, 91% of participants reported significant tightening on the area around the eye where AC Griffonia Lysate Adv. was applied.




Other testimonials from people using the product include:

"I feel the serum moisturizing my face right away"

Paula Sanches
April, 2015

"It works... and it feels so good on my face!"

Joseph Kelley
October, 2014

"Wow! My skin feel much softer"

Lisa McMullen
April, 2015

"My lines appeared to vanish right before my eyes"

Michael Rodriguez
October, 2014

"I love the fact that it is organic and unscented"

Pamela Wilson
March, 2015

"I get compliments all the time about the “glow” of my face"

Grace Kim
May, 2015

"Creme in the morning and serum at night – It simple and it works"

Melody Cuomo
November, 2014

"The lotion feel so rich"

Linda Jones
April, 2015

"I use FOLIA religiously"

Georgia Collins
December, 2014

"I put an extra drop of serum on a pimple and it immediately became less visible"

Tanya Little
November, 2014

"The texture of my skin feels smoother"

Cheryl Reid
May, 2015

Proving extremely difficult to effectively extract Griffonia Lysate, FOLIA™ is the first and only Anti-Aging system that has stabilized this ingredient in a patent-pending, highly concentrated, power-packed delivery system. BEAUTYtheory’s groundbreaking chemists have ensured that FOLIA™ Anti-Aging System was created to have luxurious texture, easy application and exceptional results.


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