The FOLIA™ System is formulated, manufactured and packaged at our state-of-the-art facilities and technical center in Oldsmar, Florida. We believe that truly effective skincare products demand the utmost quality and to accommodate this need, raw materials are only sourced from BEAUTYtheory certified suppliers who meet our stringent purity standards. Our commitment to excellence does not stop with raw materials; our production process has exacting quality control protocols to ensure that every FOLIA™ System meets our high standards.

There are many advantages to self-manufacturing. In addition to BEAUTYtheory's groundbreaking, quality product formulations and products, we have the ability to research, develop and deliver innovation to you rapidly due to shorter production lead times. As a customer-focused company, our product development is led by the needs of people like you. When an opportunity for a new skin care solution arises, our internal production capabilities allow us to swiftly modify our production schedule to accommodate the needs of our valued customers. In short, our commitment to you is to provide high quality anti-aging and life-enhancing products. By owning every aspect of the production process, we guarantee your satisfaction.

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